This is a very common question.  The answer varies depending upon where you reside.  Kansas residents are often very surprised to learn their own automobile insurance company is responsible, at least initially, for the payment of their medical bills when they are hurt in a car wreck. Kansas is a so-called “no fault” state.  People are often surprised to learn that a part of the Kansas “no fault” law requires that every policy of automobile insurance issued in the State of Kansas must include coverage for personal injury protection (PIP) benefits.  The minimum PIP coverage is $4,500.00.  Some people purchase higher coverage as a part of their auto policy.  Regardless of whether you were at fault or not in the accident, your own automobile insurance company must pay for your medical treatment until all of your PIP coverage has been exhausted. The only exception is when you are involved in an accident while on the job, which then falls under worker’s compensation. Once your PIP coverage is exhausted, then you can submit the remainder of your medical expenses to your own health insurer.  The insurance company for the driver causing the wreck (referred to as the “tortfeasor”) is not required to pay for your medical bills unless and until such time as you either reach a settlement resolving your claim in its entirety, or obtain recovery by way of a jury verdict or judgment.  If you are hurt in an automobile collision, you should immediately contact your own car insurance company and request an application form to apply for your Personal Injury Protection benefits.  Your PIP benefits will also include some coverage for lost wages.

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